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Confidentiality and Data Security Statements

Information supplied by participating companies is treated as highly confidential information and is used by Group MarketShare for the purpose of compiling aggregate market statistics. Market statistics, reports, charts and any other information generated by Group MarketShare are never disclosed to any non-participating entity.

Group MarketShare will not reproduce, disseminate, transmit, or otherwise disclose the any participating company's confidential information to third parties for any reason whatsoever. “Confidential Information” includes without limitation, product and service information, strategic or technical information, supplier or vendor information and all other information, documents, and data related to any of the foregoing.

Group MarketShare offers clients a number of options for secure transmission of confidential information. Our web site and all web applications have been developed based on secure coding guidelines contained in the Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP) Guide where applicable. We test for vulnerabilities on an ongoing basis to ensure that these applications remain protected.

"Now we've got a tool for connecting the dots rather than reacting to each one. We can focus discussion on the big picture."

Marketing Director

"Our regional sales guy couldn't believe how much information we could produce for his market."

Division President

"Group MarketShare offers the opportunity for fundamental change in this industry. Rational competition is the key to avoiding commoditization, serving new markets, and providing consumers with more choice."

Division President

"What I like is the fact that we have real, objective data rather than speculation to make decisions on. This helps us sift through anecdotal feedback from the field so we know where to focus."

Sales VP

"Intuitive. Easy to use. This is very cool!"

Competitive Intelligence Analyst

"These reports provide excellent information. Feedback has been very positive! We would like the same reports for the next offices on this list."

Marketing VP